Sticker charts. Screaming. Counting to three. Spanking.
Losing patience. Shaming. Crying.
Rushed mornings. Late dinners. No veggies. Messy house.
Sound familiar?
There IS a better way to do this parenting thing, and we can help you find it!
Wellthy Family provides stories, insights and strategies for becoming a healthier, happier family. We connect with busy moms who are balancing parenting and work and PTA meetings and spouses and trying to prepare healthy meals all while living in the hustle and bustle of a bigger city.
We’d love to help your family go from surviving to thriving.


About Us

We personally choose to live a very full  life. Josh and I both run our own businesses, helped start a non-profit and we have five young children. Life is busy, but it’s “awesome” busy. It is also loud. Really loud.
We’re a big family with big dreams in a big city (Atlanta), and we rarely sit still. But, we also very much relish day-to-day simplicities like eating dinner together every night.
We also know who we’re not. It seems once you have more than three kids, you’re relegated to a life a la the Duggar family. And while we do believe in Jesus, pray before meals and go to church every Sunday, we’re a bit different because:
  • We don’t home school. I have good friends who home school. I’m just not cut out to be my kids’ parent AND teacher. Not in my skill set.
  • We don’t make our own clothes. I mean, I have thrifted/cut/glued together some pretty epic Halloween costumes, but I’m not making school clothes over here.
  • We don’t live on a farm. We have a garden that usually lasts two weeks.
  • We don’t can tomatoes or make our own almond milk. Again with the skill set thing . . . and that whole only 24 hours in a day thing.
  • We don’t cause trouble; we don’t bother nobody. (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t be confused. It’s a nod to our hip-hop roots growing up on the mean streets of Avon, Ohio.)
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fall-family-2015-660Erin Guerrieri – Erin not only runs a very full house of seven people, she also consults families of children with ADHD and Executive Functioning Disorders. She previously held positions as special education teacher/coordinator and Health & Wellness curriculum developer in Atlanta Public Schools. Follow Erin on Instagram or email her –




fall-family-2015-395 (3)Josh Guerrieri – Josh founded FitWit and helped start The FitWit Foundation – a non-profit organization that builds strength and develops character in the kids who need it most. Before managing FitWit full-time, he taught social studies and coached basketball at Washington High School for six years through the Teach for America program.
Josh and Erin have been together for the last 20 years, but the real fun began on July 11, 2007 when their first child, Isaiah, was born. Over the next six years, they were blessed with four more children: Camilla, Tyler, Maddox and Bellamy.